• About
    Raw materials derived from nature, made by reliable food specialists.
    HANGIL WELLBIO has proved its safety with a thorough safety
    management system that ensures reliable healthy foods.
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  • Main products

      Real Mini Baked Sweet Potato

      Utilizing a patented cutting-edge facility, the outer skin of the sweet potato is completely removed and baked, reducing the inconvenience of peeling and increasing the sweetness of the inner skin’s sticky texture. It is an unprecedented simple nutritional snack and a good substitute for meals, as we have preserved the shape, taste, and nutrition of sweet potatoes, rather than cube/paste processing.

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      Dried Sweet Potato

      Honey sweet potato is washed and steamed semi-dry. It is made using the red ginseng steaming technique to ensure the original flavor of sweet potatoes and he far infrared drying method to ensure a chewy and soft texture. Sweet potato is a healthy snack for children, recommended for traveling and climbing, and as a snack for parents.

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      Chicken breast sausages - GOODDAK

      Are conventional sausages high in calories?
      That is only a stereotype. The main ingredient is chicken breast with low calorie, while pork sausage provides chewy and thick gravy!
      We used only 100% domestic chicken breasts and Cheongyang red pepper, Sweet potato grown in Korea.

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      Dried Flat Persimmon

      We use Cheongdo dried flat persimmon, the only seedless persimmon in the country for softness and excellent quality.
      Unlike the hard high-temperature-dried persimmon (retort food) on the market, HANCHAE Dried Persimmon provides fresh products in a refrigerated state without heating at high temperature.
      High moisture, soft, and chewy jelly-like texture.

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      Ice Soft Persimmon

      Ice Soft Persimmon boasts flesh sweeter and softer than ice cream. The stalks and skin are removed before being frozen in a separate tray for easy consumption.
      HANCHAE's ice persimmon is made of quality flat persimmon.
      It is a reliable product produced in state-of-the-art facilities with safety and hygiene standards.

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  • Agricultural Corporation HANGIL WELLBIO Co., Ltd.

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